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  1. No learner may leave the school premises (must be signed out) during the school day unless they are accompanied by an adult.
  2. Should a parent not be able to collect their child, staff must be informed either telephonically or in writing.
  3. Learners must respect all staff and fellow pupils. No rudeness or any other socially unacceptable behavior is allowed.
  4. Learners must respect Little Elephants' property at all times. No vandalism and intentional damage is accepted.
  5. No toys or pets are allowed to be brought to school.
  6. No stones or any other objects may be thrown.
  7. No eating on the playground is allowed
  8. No bullying or fighting is allowed
  9. No running inside the building
  10. Girls are only allowed to wear stud earrings
  11. Learners are encouraged to wear comfortable clothes to school.
  12. We recommend parents and teacher appointments in the afternoons.


Health improvements

We understand the importance of good nutritional values and brought about some changes at our school's tuckshop.

The children are encouraged to drink water. Two short water breaks are given during the morning, and a large water container is in the passage.

We encourage the children to eat healthily by providing healthier snacks from our tuck shop on Fridays. No sweets or fizzy drinks are allowed at school during the week, except on special occasions.

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